Resources and Lots of Fun

It has been a long time since I’ve done a blog of fun.  Here is a blog fun resources and fun:

My youngest is currently in the livingroom preparing our Thanksgiving entertainment online – bring your pics, and I dare you to laugh at yourself!  Elf Yourself

This was fun:  Color Intelligence

This is great for brainstorming, writing, and is beautiful if you love words:  Wordle

This is incredible.  It triggers my imagination, and could be used for so many things!  Kronomy

Free Download a Day

24/7 Moms – listing free and inexpensive stuff every day this month.

I was introduced to Freecycle by a friend, and have found it to be terrific – consider it an Exchange online – share what you aren’t using, and find that others are more than happy to do the same.

More Serious, and Worth Your Time:

This one has an incredible amount of resources, and a day’s worth of information:  Social Networking

The Best Blogs I’ve Read This Week:

Guy Kawasaki

Mark Waltz

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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