There is a commercial on TV with this woman who is so obsessed with cleaning, that she is using the cleaning product in a furniture store.


Have you ever been so obsessed with something that you didn’t care what other people thought? Most obsessions to that effect aren’t good for us. Some would make us much better people.


What would happen if you were willing to put everything on the line to be the person God called you to be? What would your life look like in three years? What differences would you start making tomorrow? Today?


Jesus died so that you can have a relationship with God. Not the kind of god that many worship – powerless, but convenient.

No, God is eternal, majestic, and more powerful than you can imagine. He is predictable and unpredictable, describable and indescribable, holy and bigger than you hoped for. He wants your life to be more than you’ve imagined so far. He wants to give you an adventure. Are you up for it?


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