Not Fully Done

I’ve been finding myself arguing with teenagers lately.  At first, my husband pointed it out.  Then, I started getting better.  It’s like an out-of-body experience – watching myself argue.

Most of the time I argue because I really care.  Sometimes, to my chagrin, I find that I argue because I know I’m right.  Slowly, I’m learning to stop the arguing and just be.  Why?  Because I am spending my energy arguing with people who’s frontal lobe is not fully developed.  It is my job to be the adult.

So today I am just wondering at God.

I am incredibly half baked compared to what I will someday be.  The potter continues His work with me, yet He never lets up.  He continues His work, slow and steady – constant.  Sometimes He even invites me to an argument, but most often, He pulls me to His level – showing me how He thinks.

Oh, I want to be like Him.  Thank God He is forming my kids just like He is forming me.

Doesn’t that humble you just a little bit – to see yourself on His wheel, yet hear His voice inviting you to conversation?


2 Responses to “Not Fully Done”

  1. karla Says:

    I agree, its been scientifically proven that teens’ brain aren’t fully developed, so why do we argue with them? To make a point, to set them straight, to keep them out of trouble, a whole multitude of reasons, none of which are penetrating into their minds. I am trying to learn to love unconditionally. I believe that I do, but my kids don’t always feel it, and sometimes I catch myself. I am not as unconditional as I really think. Oh to be like Jesus. But praise God, like you said, I am still only half baked and still being formed in the potters hands. Thank you!

  2. Aarlette Lamphere Says:

    I sure understand what you are saying – thought I don’t have kids I am dealing straightwith. Thanks for reminding me that we need to keep watching and hearing from Jesus every day to be more like his image. My challenge is to keep my mouth shut with adult kids when I want to help. I am learning much more to give to God and the Father has a great way to pull his team together and he does a much better job. Tim has gone back to church and Haley goes with him and to youth groups on Wednesday…. He is answering other prayers too and continues to amaze me though there’s others I am still waiting and wondering – !

    I just started restudying a small, old book which I just obtained from Lifeway called “The Father Heart of God”. It has a study guide in the back of the book and I am journaling my answers so I can really process at a deeper level who the Father is that I have not yet grasped.

    Sure do miss you and would love to see you and hear from you by phone and meet up with you when I can. My love…

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