Journaling on the Wild Side

bookWhen I first picked up the book Me Myself & I Am, I thought it was like those email quizzes that are sometimes fun, sometimes not.  In fact, I took it to my oldest daughter and told her, “I think you will love this book – it reminds me of those Facebook and MySpace quizzes you are always taking.”

She took one look at the book and had a totally different reaction.  “Mom, this isn’t like that at all.  I’d use this!  This is a really cool journal for ADD people.”

“Tell me more,” I said, sitting down.  I was really enthralled because she and I don’t discuss books… well… ever, and I love to hear her articulate her thoughts.

“When I journal, I start with my feelings, and three pages later, I realize I’ve just been repeating myself over and over.  This book would help me focus.”

With this recommendation in mind, I began using the bookBoy howdy, does it help you focus! It brings you to places you didn’t know you needed to go.  Every page or two is a day of journaling – questions to answer.  They have fun, intriguing questions, with an anointing that draws you to a place of vulnerability with God.

Questions range from spiritually intriguing—

You overhear God talking about you. What do hear him saying?


to thought-provoking—

A new invention allows me to change one thing about myself. I decide to change:


to challenging—

The worst thing I’ve ever done to a friend:


to just plain fun—

If my life today were a movie, these song lyrics would be in the sound track:

“Have I told you lately that I love you?”

“I need thee every hour.”

“There’s bubblegum in the baby’s hair.”

“Another day older and deeper in debt…”

“I feel good!”

“Send in the clowns”


For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know how important I find the spiritual disciplines. Journaling is a spiritual discipline – for me, it is closely associated with prayer. Christmas is coming. This is a book that you can give away (and I noticed that Amazon has it on sale) to those on your list who are needing encouragement in their faith. It will help.


On top of that, I have two books to give away. Be one of the first two to email me, and it is yours. Happy journaling!


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