10 Ways to Change Your Day

I’ve noticed that some days are just plain hard.  So, here are some simple ways to take a few moments, and change the direction of your day:

1.  Tea.  For some reason, taking a few moments to drink something warm and aromatic not only warms your innards, but lifts your spirits and gives you a moment to be thankful.

2.  Thankful.  Make a list of as many things as you can to be thankful for, including the little things – like breath, Fall air, ducks, the ability to wiggle your toes.

3.  Wiggle your toes – and your wrists, fingers, head, hips – just move for a few minutes.  Don’t worry about others, just move.  You will definately feel better – as long as you don’t pull a muscle <grin>.

4.  Grin.  It is a proven fact that smiling will increase the endorphines sent to your brain.  I used to make my children smile for the seven minute drive to school on cranky days.  They always arrived in better spirits, sometimes even laughing.

5.  Laugh.  You know all those funny emails you get?  They serve a purpose – laughter.  Better yet, learn to laugh at yourself.  It is the first rule of self care.

6.  Selfcare.  Take care of yourself – a bubble bath, exercise, vitamin B (and all the other ones), a balanced diet, exercise, drinking water, exercise, sabbath (you know, a day where you ‘turn off’), and don’t tune out during the week before you do the laundry – that way you can really turn off on your sabbath.

7.  Sabbath – okay, this won’t change the direction in the middle of a day, but as part of a regular routine, you will be more rested and able to take on the events of a week.  This way you won’t be over stretched.

8. Stretch.  Get up from your chair and stretch.  Walk around for a minute or two and focus your eyes on a distant place.

9.  Have a distant place to go away to in your head for a few minutes.  I was once backpacking in the Strawberry Mountains.  I sat on a hill where I could see valley upon valley in the distance.  It was so beautiful.  This is one of the places I sometimes go to for a five minute break to just ‘get away’.

10.  Scripture.  My youngest child has been memorizing scripture.  Guess who has been rememorizing with her?  It helps so much to have God pull scripture into my memory just when I need it.    Having a regular Bible reading schedule helps as well.  It is so amazing how God can deliver just the scripture I need in the middle of Habakkuk or some minor prophet.

Blessings on your Day!


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