We or I

I am reading a book on prayer and it pointed out this week that the first word in the Lord’s Prayer is “Our”.

Not ‘My’ but ‘Our’.  The Christian is, by nature, in community – the world is, by nature, individualist.  Yet, when we build community as a church, are we building community that works for us as individuals, or are we building transformational communities?  What is the difference?

What does a community under ‘our Father’ look like to you, and how is it different than the Kiwanis club that seeks to do good in the community as a group?


2 Responses to “We or I”

  1. Barbara Says:

    My church community is my FAMILY community. That’s why it hurts so MUCH when a FAMILY MEMBER leaves….Pastor Kim. I miss you.

  2. Jeanine Says:

    Great questions, Kim!

    It’s way too easy look for “what’s best for me or my kids” or “the style I like”, etc. It’s way too easy to sit with, talk to and invite only “my” friends”. I am most comfortable when with those who have similar interests, who dress and act like me. And I’ll admit to times when concerns for my family had top priority.

    Is that bad? No, I don’t think so. The Bible says we have a serious responsibility to raise our family in the knowledge and ways of God. That will mean different things to a family at different times.

    The key here is to have the proper balance. It’s about me and my family, but it’s also about others – both other believers, as well as those who have not yet believed. I must be both loving and loyal to fellow believers, while reaching out with a strong desire to lead others to also meet our Lord. I must have the same outlook as Jesus has – to bring others into relationship with God. That starts with me and my family, and then reaches out to others.

    I also agree with Barb, that a church can (& should) become our “church family”, and it can hurt a lot when someone moves. The reason for this is that when people pray together (a lot), and when they work together in ministry, there is a strong bond that develops. That is good. When someone moves, that “bond” is tested. We all value the friendships that have more work put into them after the move, so that the “bond in Christ” continues! In fact, there’s always the possibility of further “ministry together” in God’s future for each of us! That’s part of the difference between a club and a true church.

    The church is supposed to be MUCH MORE than a club. So much more! How are we doing? What needs to change? How?

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