Hidden Thistles

This morning I ran my thumb over my daughter’s ear – a lovely moment.  Until pain shrieked through my thumb.

How could a thumb that looks nice and normal have such deep pain?  Five weeks ago, I chopped it with a hatchet.  On the outside, it has healed nicely.  On the inside, it has scar tissue and even the lightest touch to the skin is really painful.

Sometimes people are like that.  They look lovely and normal, until they lash out with meanness or defensive growls, seemingly from nowhere.  We can’t see the scar tissue just under the skin that shrieks with the slightest touch.  We meant to say something nice, but it touched an old wound… you get the picture.

How can we have patience with people who are so prickly?  How can we keep from being those people who are so prickly?

These two bible passages are a start:  Psalms 25:14-15Romans 8:18-39.


5 Responses to “Hidden Thistles”

  1. rosemarie Says:

    good one – get that sliver removed… and put yourself out of harm’s way by others when you’re feeling tender.

  2. kimmartinezstayingfocused Says:

    You know, that never occurred to me until recently. In the last year or so I’ve begun to notice that this is a coping mechanism for some people – avoid public until they can be nice. I wish I could manage that – but somehow I just end up praying in the moment to care more about the person than myself.

  3. Jeanine Says:

    That’s good! My tendency to to get out of harm’s way, and lick my wounds till I feel better, but often we can’t. How great it is to realize by asking God for help, he will help us to care more about the other person than ourself!

  4. audrey Says:

    After reading the passages above and after dealing with alot these past few weeks, what God is putting in my heart is that I need to hit “GOD” first instead of hitting “PANIC” first, which is usually the norm for me.
    And for me, I need to work on not being one of the prickly people.
    My inspiration that I have out on my desk at the moment is “Help Me Lord, to see past me. Let me see my family’s needs and graciously care for them.”
    Hmmmm, it all fits together, I must need to be working on this too.

  5. Barbara Says:

    Another great lesson on why we should not REACT – when someone comes at me and I want to immediately REACT to them – it’s always bad. If I stop and breathe and pray – or if I get that EMAIL that makes me want to REACT right away with a mean response. I (almost always) close my email and decide to wait 24 hours before responding. Usually by then I can read it again and answer in a much more gentle way.

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