Reading Fiction

Why do you read books?  I read to be changed.  I want to learn and grow – and sometimes to escape for a few moments.

The author of The Shape of Mercy, Susan Meissner, seems to understand this.  She writes:  “Books entertain but they can also enlighten and educate; they can motivate us to attempt great things.”

The Shape of Mercy is just such a book.  The book sets forth an overt challenge to stop viewing others through the lens of our own culture and see them as they are.

It was the covert challenge that I found intriguing – the way we see ourselves.  While the heroine, Lauren, is changing how she perceives others, she also learns that she needs to view herself differently.

If you’re looking for a mushy escape book, this isn’t it – if you are looking for a good book with historical accuracy, this one fits the bill with lots of intrigue.  It goes through the Salem witch trials through the eyes of a (fictitious) young lady from the times, and enters the current-day world of the very rich through the eyes of an idealist who wants to make a real difference in the world.


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