Thank You, Mom!

Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear those words when giving a book to my oldest?

I garner information from books first – she usually doesn’t. While reading the book For Young Men Only, I told her she should read it so she would know she isn’t the only teen girl to think the way she does. (Isn’t that how we girls are wired, we tend to think we are ‘the only’?) I told her how the book was structured:

  • that it was based on real research
  • over a thousand girls answered questions
  • then the book explained that research to boys in language they could understand

She seemed so interested, I gave her the companion book For Young Women Only.

Two hours later, she woke me up from a nap to THANK ME for giving her the book. “This helped me sooo much,” she said.


I think on that endorsement, I’m going to be reading the whole family of books,

For Men Only

For Women Only

and I just found out there is a For Parents Only

I gotta tell you though – if my child found the teen girl version so helpful, you need to get For Young Men Only for your teen boy. Who of us doesn’t need help deciphering the language of the opposite sex?

I’m on the blog tour for For Young Men Only. It is coming out this week. In fact, the publishers think the book is so important, that they gave me two books to give away free here, to you – so, the first two people to email me will get their copy sent to them for free.

You need to check out their website – it is amazing!!!

PS.  Congratulations to Karla and Audrey – the first 2 to respond to the giveaway, sorry to those who didn’t get it – you can still get the book at the amazon site:  For Young Men Only

Many Blessings!


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