If you read 1 John 1:1-4 you will find that John wanted to give a testimony – an explanation of what he had seen and heard, for the purpose of helping other people be able to ‘get’ him more, and eventually, be able to ‘get’ God more.

John’s testimony involved his whole body.  His testimony sounds so alive because he talks about what he has seen, touched and heard.

So here’s the thing:  God is very practical.  He wants to impact your life in a real way.  Your walk with Him isn’t just about what you think and know.  He wants to be with you, to show you He is real in tangible ways so that you in turn can tell people – “Let me tell you what I heard, saw, how I was touched by God.”

So what’s your testimony?


One Response to “Testimony”

  1. rosemarie Says:

    I guess I’m constantly amazed at how specific and personally God takes care of us. An alum came by yesterday with some old nursing uniforms. She wondered if I could use them as souvenirs of her era. I took them and wondered how we’d store them. A few minutes after she’d left, an international student came in. She mentioned she was going into the nursing program next year.

    “Do you need some uniforms?” I asked.

    Her eyes opened wide. “Yes please! I never expected this – God is providing for me!”

    What fun to watch God at work.

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