Good Shapes

Do you remember the Shape Sorter toy?  Sometimes  I wonder if we don’t act like we are Star, Octagon or Circle shapes in life – but we want to be the best Star, Octagon, or Circle shapes possible.  We stress and strain, look at ourselves from all angles, ask our friends if our corners are to sharp or our curves are too round… we even wonder if our color of yellow isn’t a bit too faded.

But God made us the shapes we are for the spots on the sorter – we don’t have to work at being those shapes, because He is the one who shapes us.

Next we start worrying that we won’t get to our spot in the sorter.  First we try to cram ourselves in the oval spot, then we go for the pentagon shape.  We want into the sorter because that is what it’s all about, right?

God says, no, it’s about the journey.  We can’t get ourselves to the places He made for us.  It takes His hand to move us.  We have to wait for Him to finish shaping us, molding us, and preparing the spot made just for us at each point in our life – we get to relax and let God be God and ENJOY the journey.

So…who has God given you to enjoy the journey with today?



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