Piece by Piece

Today I started a project, was interrupted, then lost my train of thought.  I will have to complete it another time.  As I closed out my file this evening, I was reminded of my endeavor to focus on waiting on God.

Could it be, perhaps, that our waiting on God isn’t a one-time thing, but is done in parts, like this project, each part adding up to the whole?


One Response to “Piece by Piece”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    I’m sure you’re right on that, Kim! Our whole life is a series of steps and waiting periods.

    It’s much like the kid’s game: Take 1 step forward … Pause … 3 steps to the right … Pause … 2 Steps forward … Pause ……..

    Each “Pause” is a time of learning, discipline and sharpening our focus for what’s ahead in the great plans God has for our lives!

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