Flourishing Green

I wrote some time ago about pruning.  Our grape vine is now huge.  In parts it almost reaches the ground.

We didn’t prune it this year.  It has no fruit on it.  I looked – couldn’t see any grapes.

Today I had lunch with a friend.  Not all pruning, she reminded me, is of old, dead branches.  Some of it is of lovely great branches with fruit on them.  Some of it is of saplings near the roots, with roots of it’s own, that will be transplanted and flourish elsewhere.

The results of no pruning is fruitlessness.  The results of pruning is fruit.  Pruning isn’t easy, but it is necessary and a joyful part of growth.  Thankfully, we are all in the hands of the Master gardener, who sees us from His perspective, and knows just how and when to prune us for maximum growth, in this plant, and in the places that need the transplants.

God is so awesome and wonderful.  He loves us with an everlasting and deep, abiding love.  I am so grateful for His wisdom and love today.


3 Responses to “Flourishing Green”

  1. karla Says:

    I don’t like pruning because I am never sure I do it right, but it is necessary and part of the growth process. I dislike change more than I care to admit.

  2. rosemarie Says:

    lovely. And when you just prune a bit at a time, you keep having to cut – ouch ouch ouch! It’s sometimes easier on a tree AND on us to get a hard cut and grow from there. http://www.xanga.com/rosemee1

  3. Jeanine Says:

    A couple months ago, I needed to do some hard pruning on my Rhodies, and afterwards they looked soooo sickly. It even made me feel bad to look at them. 😦 Today I looked carefully at them and guess what? They are already very full, with lots of brand new leaves – only this time the overall shape is way better! 🙂

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