Beauty in Rubble

I found a point of beauty yesterday.  There was this awful little field next to the soccer field.  You know the kind.  Neglected and full of weeds.  Full of patches of dirt and very little grass.  A place where you walk but don’t stay.

Yet while I was waiting for my son’s soccer practice to finish (and I am so grateful for the rhythms of Fall that involve hours of soccer practice and school that started today), I found this point of wonder and beauty.

God sees you not as a weed, but as a thing of beauty.  He made you for a purpose and that purpose was good.  He has already created things for you to do.  You are part of His creation story.  You are part of His plan.  Look at how a simple weed turns into an incredible creation when the sun shines through.  It is the same with you.  When you try to shine on your own, you wilt, but when you let Him do the shining, you glow.


One Response to “Beauty in Rubble”

  1. rosemarie Says:

    Good one – like this illustration

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