Being “Special” and Having Perspective

My family has now labeled me ‘special’.  My doctor has nicknamed me ‘Calamity Jane’.  Little does she know that the school nurse beat her to the nickname about 38 years ago.

Our vacation was complete with a trip to the emergency room – my optimist child announced “well, we got to watch TV mom, it was really okay!”

Let’s just say that I won’t ever be allowed to cut wood again.  The wound is really skin deep, but four stiches later and a neon wrap makes it look much more impressive than it is.

We found God’s provision even in what seemed to me to be a very human failing.  We chose to pack up a day early – and almost missed the rain.  Today we get to have a great day at home before returning to life.

Attitude is about perspective – do we choose to look at things from God’s perspective or ours?  When we choose God’s we keep our head above the storm and walk on water.  When we choose ours, the water soon causes us to sink.


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