Grace – it Grows

When someone gives you grace, it just grows.  It causes you to want to give more grace to others.

Apparently this isn’t true for everyone.  Jesus told a story of a man who was forgiven much and went out and held up someone who owed him little.  In that case, grace caused the person to turn in on themselves and become takers.  I think it’s a matter of self-honesty.  If I admit that I need grace, and that I really enjoyed receiving grace, I admit I am a needy person.  I am powerless.

In my opinion, “I am powerless” is the first step toward sanity.  But to admit that I need grace also puts me on a level with others that allows me to lift them up, to give them grace – to be a forgiver and a giving person.

Yesterday, I purposed to spend time with someone and give them love and support.  I walked away feeling like I had received a huge measure of grace.  I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

Sometimes giving grace is giving time, a word of encouragement, even a hug… what are some ways that you give grace, or have been given grace?


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