The Adventure of Pursuing God & Book Give Away

I was on vacation this last week.  I went to Central Oregon and will post beautiful pictures later.

I also read a book:  Wild Goose Chase – reclaim the Adventure of Pursuing God by Mark Batterson.  Really, if you want to keep your life nice and calm, you should not read this book.

If you want to reignite the fire in your belly, then you should get the book and read it – it’s about a four hour read.  Batterson talks about the cages in our life that hold us from being what God has called us to be:

  • The cage of Responsibility
  • The cage of Routine
  • The cage of Assumptions
  • The cage of Guilt
  • The cage of Failure
  • The cage of Fear

Batterson has some incredibly original ways of seeing things, like this one from page 100:

“What is the natural reaction when someone slaps you?  You feel like slapping him back, right?  But the supernatural reaction is both counterintuitive and counterreactive.  Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek.  This of it as spiritual aikido.  We absorb the sinful energy of others and convert it into a righteous response.  So persecution becomes a catalyst for prayer.  Hatred inspires love.  And we convert curses into blessings.”

Anyway, I was privileged to be on the blog tour for this book, so they sent me a book that I can give away through this blog.  The release date for the blog is 8/19 (today by Greenwich time <grin>).  So, the first person to email me their mailing info will receive a free copy of Wild Goose Chase compliments of Mark Batterson and his great publishers.

Blessings on your day.  And really, Mark, it was a great book that kicked my fanny and took me to tears and prayer and back again.  It was just what I needed.  Thanks!


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