I have had a migraine since about 10:45am Tuesday morning.  I don’t get migraines.   This has been a very hard week.  I’ve learned quite a few things though.

  • 80% of what I do is thinking related.
  • 80% of mothering is just being there.
  • Making a Top Priority List really helped both myself and my assistant figure out what was absolutely necessary to do.
  • When you can only work for a few minutes at a time, you have to narrow your focus.  “Do what only you can do” has been my ministry philosophy for years, but this week, it was put to the extreme test.
  • Doctors are perfectly comfortable saying ‘I don’t know, take some narcotics.’

I believe that I can learn things in every situation.  Today it occurred to me that maybe God was rerouting brain pathways for me.  (Thus the major headache.)  That would be nice.  Ready for new challenges, fresh approaches.

Update: I’m beginning to find some relief through natural medications, thus my ability to write this.  Hopefully it will go away now.

Gifted for Leadership has a blog.  In this post,  it talks about developing a team in a beautiful way.  I think it’s worth the read.


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