Friday’s Best

Today I’ve found some delightful sites that I want to share.

First, you have to see the interview on Tony Morgan Live, but then take time to read the sample chapter of  –  200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One!  (I usually find preview chapters annoying, but this was a joy!)

Next, I really loved this post from Rick Osborne.

One of my favorite things about computers and blogs these days is that I can learn so much from others.  The Leadership Summit at Willow Creek was this week and there are a few people who shared their notes.

Tim Stevens gives us the highlights.

Jenni Catron did a great job of interacting with her notes.

Mark Meyer is also very thorough.

The next best thing to being there – who was it that had that for their tag line?  Anyway, my highlight for the day was reading that sample chapter.



2 Responses to “Friday’s Best”

  1. shawnsblogspot Says:


    Glad to see that you enjoyed the sample. I hear that Amazon is shipping out early (some of my twitter folks got books yesterday) so I hope you will get to see the full thing soon!



  2. Jenni Catron Says:

    So glad you enjoyed my notes, Kim. It was a great conference!

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