I’ve decided to work myself up to walk/running a 5K this fall/early winter. Here are the reasons:

1.  I’m not going to be coaching soccer.  Soccer in the fall increases my activity level all through winter.  Since I won’t be doing soccer, I need a new activity.

2.  I’ve noticed that people who are physically active at 50 are a lot happier.  And I’m going to be 50…someday (to sorta quote Meg Ryan).

So I found this training program.  Day one was easy – run five minutes, walk five minutes.  Ha!!!  Turns out that preparation for a race starts before that – I ran maybe 25 feet before every muscle in my legs started screaming.  I settled for a half hour brisk walk.  Tomorrow I’ll start with stretches and see if that helps.

Why am I giving you this tale?  I’m wondering what small parts of our spiritual life we find ourselves unprepared for.  I’ve been thinking for a week now – ‘run five minutes, that won’t be a problem.’  And when I got there, I wasn’t prepared.  It seemed so easy.

What are the spiritual ‘jogs’ that we find ourselves unprepared for while we are busy training for the marathons?


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