Something incredible

Here are my Friday greats:

This is the best gospel presentation I’ve seen in years:  The Big Story

One of my top three favorite blogs:  How to Change the World.  Guy Kawasaki’s new thing is REALLY cool.  Here’s the Modern Church page, the Photography page, and the directional page.

A place to find a 5K run near your home:  Runner’s World Racefind

Here’s a great idea:  a Jam Fest

Jenni had some great posts this week – I particularly liked her one on Brands.  I’ve noticed that when I work out of my ‘gotta’ brain, I build things that have to be broken down, but when I work out of my heart, God does the building and it turns out fantastic.

Scott Hodge got me right where I live.  Ouch!  Thank you Scott for the GREAT reminder, and example.  Research, research.  I don’t think it just applies to the bigwigs in our life – I think it applies to meeting with my key leaders – they are leaders because they are experts at something, and if I’m prepared, I can ask key questions and they will do more of the talking, letting me lead with questions better.  (My husband has been teaching me that good leading is leading with questions.)

Blessings on your weekend.


One Response to “Something incredible”

  1. Jenni Catron Says:

    Kim, so glad you enjoyed my short bit about brands and I completely agree with your statement about ‘work out of my heart’… so important.

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