In the Edges

Have you ever noticed that God shows us pictures of what it means to serve Him in all parts of our lives?

I learn lessons from every day things all the time.  Here are my observations from yesterday: As I was mowing the lawn, I could get most of the weeds (my lawn is mostly weeds, the grass doesn’t grow nearly as fast) with my big lawn mower, but then I had to come back with the trimmer to get the edges.  And the weeds didn’t stay on the lawn, they grew up into the rocks, into the flowerbeds…  The flowers on the other hand, bloomed right where they were planted.

Mowing the lawn is much like vacuuming the house.  Years ago, (in the land of toddlers) I learned that when I vacuum my house, it never looks clean unless I vacuum the edges – that the dirt seems to gravitate to the edges, the cracks where the vacuum can’t get to it with out the attachment.

Taking a look at the edges today, and looking for flowers I might have missed.


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