Creativity and Learning

I’ve been learning about photography lately. A week ago, I thought I was a pretty good photographer. Now I realize I don’t even know enough to tell one lens from the next except in zoom factor. The cool thing is that I get to learn.

I really enjoy taking pictures. I also enjoy playing with pictures on the computer. Here are some great sites where you can find good photos for use in your publications:


Getty Images


I’ve used other sites for some time, but Corbis and Imagestate are new to me. For fun, I tried three common things I put photos on: women’s tea, men’s breakfast and missions. Corbis had the best pics for the first two, but hands down, Getty had the best fun pics for missions.

I’ll still use Istockphoto, as that’s where I have my account, and buzz flickr occasionally, and use live photos when possible, but it is fun to have new options.

Also, if you need help learning Photoshop, you can pick up almost any photography magazine right now and get a pretty good education.

Have an adventurous weekend – and if you know anything about camera lenses, send the info my way.


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