Summer is here and we are really enjoying the chance to bask in the sun – to rejuvenate and ‘fill our tanks’ after a long winter.  Outdoor restaurants are full, the beaches are packed, and everyone is soaking up as much outdoor time as they can.

Why can’t it be wonderful like this all the time?

I lived in Southern California for a while.  It is sunny there a lot – and smoggy.  You don’t enjoy the sun as much, but you REALLY enjoy the rain.  I remember the day it rained and I put on my hat and levi jacket and basked, well, more like frolicked,  in the rain.  Hmmmm.

So let’s translate this into the rest of life.  Ever wanted ‘sunshine’ all the time?  I know I have.  In fact I get kind of frustrated at the ‘rain clouds’ some days.

The joy is in the journey.  God gave us variety – even in trials and times of joy because we are people of adventure.

I hope you enjoy the adventure today.


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