The Spider on My Window

A spider joined me for my morning commute this morning. Even in the hot sun it marched around at proud as you please. After briefly considering Twittering the experience, I chose to watch and find out what God wanted to teach me.

The spider traversed my windshield and dashboard then suddenly, disappeared! It was gone!!! “Where did it go?” (I have a tendency to talk aloud to God and/or myself when alone.)

“I think it went into the dark shadow between the windshield and the dashboard”

“Hmmm. Wonder what I’m supposed to be learning.”

That’s when God stepped in. “That’s sin.” That is all He said. (Not out loud.)

I could see instantly what He was saying. Sin is easily identified when it is in His light – but it “disappears” in the unlit areas of my life.

Just like unidentified cancer can grow unchecked, sin can grow if it isn’t found early. The sun was illuminating my whole window and dashboard, but here was one little crevice where ‘sin’ could hide. I decided to set aside time today for a ‘spiritual checkup,’ to ask God to examine the crevices of my life for ‘growths’ that need to be removed.


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