High Places

Today God has been talking to me about High Places.

In the OT, you find that almost all the kings after David that ‘did right in the sight of God’ still have one mark against them. “The high places, however were not removed; the people continued to offer sacrifices and burn incense there.”

High places were where Abraham first worshiped God. They were a legitimate place of worship – until the time when God established a place of worship. Then they became a way that people were worshiping God in the way they wanted to – not in the way He had asked.

So, I asked on twitter (and facebook) today – what are our high places. God has been showing me – often I look for answers to my problems through books or common wisdom instead of taking my problems to Him first.

Sometimes I whine for Him to fix my issues instead of taking the time to take my concerns to Him with an open hand, wait, and ask for His answers.

God, help us to remove all those high places of self and serve you wholly with everything we have.


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