Vision Talking Points

Today I read “Making Vision Stick” by Andy Stanley. Here are the main points that jumped out to me:

  • Vision has to be memorable – people have to understand it and be able to remember it.
  • Define the problem, offer the solution, give the reason and explain why NOW is the time.
  • Then repeat the vision regularly.
  • Also, vision can slip. It is normal. Look for slippage and be honest about it – first in yourself, then in your organization. You just have to keep your priorities the same and realign your life to match. (Andy explains it like when you suddenly realize you have no non-Christian friends, even though that is a priority.) Just admit you aren’t meeting your own expectations and get back on target.
  • Last, find God’s grace in the process.

What I liked best about the book? I read it in one night and it was a great refresher on some points. My favorite point was the NOW point – why is NOW important. I’ve had lots of great ideas over the years that I’ve realized weren’t for now, so I’ve let them go. Why is this vision important for now?

So… how does this apply to you?


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