Spiritual Conversations

My family and I find that God uses us in an interesting way. People just open up to us and share their life story. Once, in the emergency room with pneumonia – a nurse told me deep things you wouldn’t tell your best friend.

This year a 1st grader opened up to my youngest on the bus. “I don’t like my life” he said.

In the grocery store, at the gas station – people just tell us things where the only proper response seems to be “can I pray for you?”

However, last night, my 12 year old had an amazing conversation with a friend online. This was the kind of conversation that is so cool it needs to be celebrated:

“Yeah, I’m going to church camp”

“Really? You Catholic?”

“no, I’m Christian.”

“Can you talk to God?”

“Yeah, through prayer and worship. We are encouraged to talk to God like I would to to anyone else.”

“Really? What’s God like?”

So they went on and she told him what God is like to her – his paradigm of who God totally changed in one conversation. Isn’t that cool???

Can you talk God? What’s God like? (full disclosure – they didn’t capitalize God, I did)



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