When God is Absent – Filling the Void

The June 16th Newsweek has an interesting article on food as a path to enlightenment (page 48). After talking about the search for an experience to satisfy the soul, the article says: “sating physical hunger is an easier task than satisfying deeper appetites.”

I’ve been considering the ways we fill our ‘void’. In Exodus 32, the children of Israel had been in the desert for a year. Moses was up on the mountain with God, Aaron and the Israelites were down in the valley – and Moses was gone a long time. The Israelites (much like you and I when we think God has abandoned us) started looking for something stable to grasp onto. The only thing they had was what seemed familiar to them from their past – ‘before God’. So they made the golden calf. Big mistake, big trouble, many died, God saved, they turned back to leaning on Him.

When we feel a void, what familiar things do we turn to? What satisfies our soul? Do we focus on waiting for God, or do we have old things that we still pull out that damage us and those around us?

How do you deal with life when God seems absent?


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