Christianity isn’t Dying, Just Changing Shape

This morning the Telegraph is reporting that many expect Christianity to die in the next 100 years. But then, Dave Ferguson, one of the great bloggers I follow also put out a post about a woman finding her way back to Jesus. (For those of you who are new to reading online stuff, if you click on the highlighted words, it will take you to the article and blog I just mentioned, respectively.)

I think that Christianity is changing shape. We are going from a formal religion to an organic relationship. Think about it. Would you rather be part of an official set of rules, or in a relationship with the maker of all creation who wants you to be part of what He is doing?

Okay, so I would argue that this was God’s idea all along, but now, we are getting it. In every generation, a few have gotten it, but now, many are getting it.  It might be the post-modern mindset, it might be the endtimes, it might be the revelation God is giving to the church for this day and age.  Whatever the reason, it is cool and great and awesome. We are in a time of great opportunity.


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