Five Ways High Gas Prices Help Focus Life

This morning I woke up thinking about the benefits of high gas prices. I know it’s weird, but consider the streamlining effects of these conservation methods:

1. Only make one trip to the grocery store a week. Every trip costs you extra. Also, less trips = less gas.

2. “55 stay alive” was also about gas conservation. Slower = Calmer.

3. Exercise. Walking is a good option for appointments within a mile of home or work. Breathe, Calm, Relax.

4. Bicycling. I have a friend who often bicycles from home to work – several miles. She is a hero to me! Someday I will accomplish such a task. You can view her blog here.

5. Planned days, planned trips. This is huge. No running around back and forth. Focus – Calm – Planning.

I did a search on the word ‘consider’ on today. The bible tells us to consider our path – we need to focus on God and His commands – and to consider the lilies of the field – to NOT fret and worry about where our provision is coming from.

Wow! Focus, Calm, Planning, Slower, Breathe, Relax, Consider, and leaning on God for provision. What a joy it is to have God be in control!

What can you add?


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