Following Hard

This morning I read about Elisha.  Elijah was going up to heaven and all the prophets knew it. (See 2 Kings 2)

Three times Elijah told Elisha to give up and to stay behind, but Elisha kept saying “I will not leave you”.  Elisha wanted something.  He didn’t want Elijah to not go, he wanted a double portion of Elijah’s anointing.

Elisha had to overcome repeated discouragements – from Elijah, from the other prophets, and from the long trek itself.  Elisha kept his eye on what his goal was, and it was given to him.

One of the blogs I read is Kem Meyer – she has a great post about getting what you train for:

Elisha didn’t decide that day to follow hard after Elijah – he had been following him for some time.  He got the double portion because of all the days he had been following up to that point.  He knew when was the right time to say ‘no, I’m not staying, I’m following’, because he had been practicing listening to God and obeying.

What does this concept of following – of getting what you train for – look like in your life?


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