This morning I was caught between two children.  Someone baked (and of course everyone ate) the cookies I was going to use for lunches tomorrow. I thought it was one child (17 yo) and started to correct that child, turns out it was my 8 year old.

The way you approach a 17yo and an 8yo on something like this is completely different, but due to the proximity of the people involved, the 8yo accidentally got 17yo parenting for a few moments.  Totally ended up in tears.  I didn’t hit the mark.  I was so far off.  My message was right, but my communication style did not match my audience.

Proverbs even says a loud greeting early in the morning will be considered a curse.  How we communicate isn’t just dependent on what we are trying to say, it is also dependent on our audience.

I had myself a little worship session a bit later.  I was so grateful that God has given me a challenge that I never seem to outgrow.  I am always messing up this parenting thing one way or another.  My 17yo informed me that some moms hit the mark.  Hmmm.  Not in this house.  I think most of us are just growing with the kids God gave us, doing our best with the skill set we have.  I am grateful that He is giving me the grace to keep working with mine.


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