Earlier this year I started to watch a show because it had a plot string that I hoped would develop into a new West Wing – like spinoff (I was a serious West Wing fan). After watching a few episodes, I compared it to another show I watch, Numbers. Numbers brings questions of the meaning of life, the person of God and what it means to us into about every-other episode. Serious, good discussion. They don’t answer questions, but they ask them, and discuss them. The first TV show, in all of the episodes, had not had one good spiritual conversation.

To top it off, it was not having good social conversations. When marriages and/or people were falling apart, it was showing what usually happens instead of how things could happen. There was no real redemption in that show.

Just as I sat down to blog this, I received an email for this new movie coming out in the fall:

I hope this follows the path of good cinema. I am really looking forward to a movie that has good social conversation – how things can be.

Anyway, I decided the first show has to go. There is nothing redeeming about it. So how do you determine what is appropriate to watch?


One Response to “Media”

  1. Tammie E. Says:

    How I determine really depends on the day and my mood. Somedays there is absolutely nothing redeeming on television; other days I like to get lost in a game show or a medical drama (House, CSI, etc.)…then there are other days where I watch things that are, quite blatantly, irreverant and not necessarily on most Christians’ “must see TV” list.
    Why? I can laugh at myself and silly notions I cling to and also because it helps me to understand how other people think. Can I recommend that for others? Not necessarily. I suppose it depends on the person’s level of spiritual maturity, among other things.
    On a similar rant…I find I cannot watch television that glorifies infidelity or meaningless sex. I know that many of my classmates were really caught up in Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and I just don’t get that. I also don’t see what could possibly be redeeming about the movie, “Sex in the City” but I suppose each one has to judge their own conscience.
    …just my .02 worth…

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