Wow!  I started a new blog in one night!  And was able to transfer all the old blogs from blogger.  I am very excited to see what the new day will bring.  Speaking of new day, it is now tomorrow, so I’d better get myself to bed so that I can be up and about early.

This blog has been transformational for me.  It is helping me define who I really am.  You know, a lot of times our Christianity seems to be about what we think.  But this is challenging me to daily make it about how I live.

What about you?  What difference has being a Christian made in your life these last few days?

Happy Sabbath!


One Response to “Wow!”

  1. rosemarie Says:

    Yeah – sometimes writing loosens the brain, sometimes it tightens and sharpens focus. You’re onto something, and not only in writing. Loving prayers.

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