Hormones and Swimming

Today the kids cleaned the house. I bribed them with swimming at the end of the day. Really, it is my favorite way to end the day with them. It brings their energy into focus, helps them shake out the day and settles them for a good night’s sleep. And it brings a positive end to whatever the day brought.

Today the day brought a cleaning frenzy followed by hormonal flurries -from many angles. With this many people in the house, we are teaching – be patient with the hormones – your own and those of others. Be grateful when the hormones cause them to do your chores, and give them grace when they turn into frustrated people awhile later.

Once, in the midst of one of those hormonal bursts (mine, that time), I had a fit at God. I stormed down the hallway and informed Him (forgive me) – “you weren’t a woman, you have no idea what it is to have to deal with my body going out of control!”

In a still small voice, the Lord whispered “I walked the road to the cross”

So, while cooling off in the bath, I reviewed what that was like. Imagine all the adrenal and other body-related overload of being beaten, yelled at, betrayed, carrying the cross, and then hanging in front of the crowds. Yet Jesus walked with grace, forgiveness and love.

Then, when He returned to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of believers so that we could have the same power that He had. “Greater things than I have done, you will do” he said. Today, that means giving grace to those with raging hormones. Tomorrow, that might mean handling my own with even more grace.

Tonight, I get to take some great kids swimming because I have a clean house.


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