I am choosing thankfulness today. I am so thankful for my amazing kids and husband. Without them, life would be boring and plain.

I am so thankful for having a job that I get to do exactly what I’ve always wanted to do – and for fabulous people to work with. It is such a joy to see people take on new things and do Marvelous!!

I am thankful for ‘learning opportunities’ – those struggles that make me cling more to God and less to what I ‘know’.

I am oh so thankful for a great assistant who is nice and thinks better than I do.

I am thankful for time to write this all down and to think about things creatively – that is truly a gift.

And, I am thankful for the opportunity to clean my house again and enjoy people, fun and food as we reflect on another year of things to be thankful for.

Most of all, I am thankful for grace – that God doesn’t give up on me, but that He loves me, that He sent Jesus to pay the price so I can know Him.

For all this, I am thankful…and so much more.


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