A Day Off?

Today, my youngest has a fever. Part of the joy of being mom is the occational catch up day of staying home with a sick kid. Especially when they seem to start feeling better exactly when you get all the housework done.

Today, I am working from home, getting caught up on housework, and reading a book. Not necessarily in that order. One of the things I love to do on Mondays is to read MondayMorningInsight. From today’s issue, here are my favorite articles:



Ha! The life of a working mom. It is now Wed. afternoon and I am just getting back to this. So far this week has had a very different tempo. Monday I worked from home – and boy was my house clean – we even had dinner on the table before daddy got home!! Tuesday, one child stayed home, another came with me to work. Wednesday, all kids went to school, mom did the essentials and crawled home with the bug.

When the tapestry changes, you get a chance to see through the holes. Although I have a ton to do, being sick has given me the ability to relax and know that God really is in charge, and He is on the throne. It’s almost like someone turned the needlework and I can see through the holes to what lies behind the tapestry being created of my life – and what I see is the Hand of God.

A friend reminded me this morning that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. When life seems too heavy, I wonder how much of it I have taken on myself – through human desires to look right, be thought well of, etc..

Don’t know if this is making sense, but welcome to a view from the inside of my life. The house is still pretty clean, but my fever seems to be going up.



One Response to “A Day Off?”

  1. Rosemarie Says:

    I so get this. The mix of calling and motherhood is an interesting one. We go go go on all fronts, feeling like there is no ending to the many projects and nothing completed to which we point with, Aha, I did that!
    When we have to slow down, it’s sometimes a relief to step away and look around.
    Well done!

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