I am reading the “Power of Prayer” by R.A. Torrey. Amazing! Today I read about the importance of praying in Jesus’ name. Earlier in the book, he talked about actually talking to God when we are praying.

Have you ever thought about that? When you pray, are you actually talking to God? I wonder – sometimes I think I have a tendency to just complain – give God my ‘list’ – but my heart isn’t talking to God – it is whining. In fact, I have found myself talking to myself about what I want to talk to God about. What is that?

This kind of goes with Sabbath. Taking time out to slow down and actually rest. I endeavor to take the time to pray – not just time for prayer, but time to slow down and actually talk to God.

Time to hear His voice, and time to stop whining. To express the depth of what is in my heart and to hear what God has to say to me.


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