Look at Me!

Most people don’t enter life thinking they are better than everyone. In fact, most people would tell you that they don’t think this way at all. But there is a part in all of us that can become boastful and proud.

“You would not believe what they are doing to me” the story starts. Or, we tend to look down on others a bit because they haven’t a clue what it is like to really have problems.

Some people have reason, in the natural, to be proud. They have made great decisions all along, and their life is going good.

God told Gideon that his army was too big – that if it fought the battle and won, it would think it did so on it’s own strength. (See Judges 7).

It doesn’t matter whether we are typically on the winning side, or if life has beat us up, if we think we are winning, or sustaining, on our own, we are being puffed up.

A life lived in love is a life of outward focus. If we start looking for the answers in ourselves, then we will only find our appetites, ready to gobble up every ounce of energy we have. Instead, we need to look for our Source outside ourselves – in God. Once we have admitted our own need, we are much more able to see the need of others and be His hand extended to the world.

Christ, we each have areas of our life that we are tempted to maintain all on our own. Sometimes we even have goals that we think we can accomplish with our temporal resources. Help us to turn these projects over to You. Be our strength in every area of our life, and help our life be Your message to the world – a message of Hope. Amen.


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